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The Feast of Saint What's-His-Name


A Medieval Feast for the Reveler in all of us, fully catered, with live entertainment and a cast of nobles, minstrels, jugglers, and other characters to keep you amused. The setting is the beautiful and rustic Sylvan Hall in Stanardshirenestled in the Woode among the Hollers of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The feast is the highlight of the White Lotus Medieval Weekend (contact your AirBnB host, David VanDerveer (434-960-7591) to arrange for one of our elegant and unique suites and cabins - click AirBnB White Lotus for more information. Rentals are blacked-out for this event - call David to open one up for you. Lodging is not necessary to attend the Feast. Rental fees do not include tickets to the Feast.)

Period garb is required (dark ages, medieval, renaissance, highlander, pirate, fantasy, foriegn traditional/folk... we're not picky) as is a general sense of jocularity and/or mischief.  (Period appropriate weaponry is also welcome.) Beer and wine will be available, but if you would like to bring something special to drink and share with a few others- you are more than welcome to.

Tickets are limited, so tarry not, Gentlefolk.... The Lord & Lady of Sylvan Hall bid you join us- Huzzah!



131 Mulberry Drive, Stanardsville, VA 22973